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  • Alexandra McFadyen

Hello, it's me!

First Blog Post September 28, 2023.


Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I’m a 31 year old woman from Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my digital portfolio and my first blog post here!

I currently work and live in Berlin and in November I will be relocating to the magical Amsterdam. I love Berlin don’t get me wrong, but it’s beyond time to move on! I work as a stylist, mainly in the commercial advertising industry with some fashion clients here and there. I recently wrote and released my first short film which, if the short film publishing gods are on my side, will be published in the next few weeks. I love fashion, I love photography, I’m happiest when laying on a mediterranean beach in the sun and I own two hairless sphynx cats. I decided to start this biog as not only a way to have more identity for people who visit my website, but to talk about the things I come across that I find interesting. Maybe people will have seen it elsewhere because really what is the internet if it isn’t just a daily melting pot of all the same information, but at least maybe someone will like my point of view on things over another piece they’ve read.

I guess first up I want to talk about fashion month! I haven’t attended any cities or shows but I wouldn’t be a fashion girly if I didn’t wake up and open Vogue Runway before anything else on my phone! Between London, Milan, Paris and NY I really feel like there was an overall fashion victory for the SS24 season. Spring shows are always fun for colour and dresses galore, but there were so many exciting collections, one after the next, that made me feel like there’s an overall freedom in creativity and expression that we haven’t seen in a few years- like anything is possible! I base this “like” factor on a number of things: design, styling, model casting, previous seasons and the overall collection. It was a highlight for me to see Acne Studios have a major comeback after some not so hot seasons (imo) and between the Undercover glow in the dark gowns, Rabanne just sending look after look not holding back an ounce, honestly, this fashion month absolutely fucking rocked. We’re going no pants, white tanks and lots of fringe!!! See the below for my top lewks! Until next time…


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